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Tea Classico aims to bring a level of sophistication and quality not associated with tea before. Just as there are people who enjoy single malt whisky, vintage wines, and single origin coffee, we want to foster the same appreciation for tea in its truest, purest and perfect form without artificial additives, flavoring and manipulations of any type.

Tea Classico is dedicated to supplying the finest loose leaf oolong tea, puer tea and green tea experience possible. Because we are acquiring most of our teas directly at the source from small family farms, we're able to inspect our teas at every stage and ensure only the best quality and freshness. We pride ourselves on delivering our customers only with teas farmed in best natural environment and crafted using time-honored methods and traditions in order to provide you with the purest and most enjoyable cup possible.


Your source for finest handcrafted loose leaf teas

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Those of you who've been drinking our tea know that we take environmental safety very seriously because pesticides usage became common practice among tea producers who wants to boost production and cut costs. Besides packaging our tea at the source and knowing our suppliers personally we're taking safety of our teas even further and testing our teas in world leading laboratories like SGS and Eurofins according to most strict EU standards.